Worker relationships on the job policy. Before you date a colleague

Worker relationships on the job policy. Before you date a colleague

Personalize this workplace romance policy centered on your company’s mindset toward worker dating. Include or delete components to communicate relevant guidelines regarding intimate relationships at work and protect harmony and fairness among all workers.

Policy brief & function

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Our workplace dating policy provides directions our workers should follow when they’re romantically or intimately involved in a colleague. We additionally set some requirements for appropriate behavior when flirting with peers.

We don’t want to put restrictions that are undue workers dating one another, as everybody is liberated to select their lovers. But, we should be sure that relationships won’t cause awkwardness or dilemmas inside our workplace.


This policy pertains to all our employees no matter sex, intimate orientation or other protected traits.

Into the context with this policy, “employee dating” includes consensual intimate relationships and intimate relations. We clearly prohibit non-consensual relationships.

Policy elements

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Before you date a colleague

Before you determine to date a colleague, please contemplate any nagging dilemmas or disputes of great interest which could arise. A relationship between the two of you (or a possible breakup) could affect your work for example, if you’re working with a colleague on an important project. Be sure you’ve seriously considered all parameters before carefully deciding.

Appropriate behavior

Although we don’t item to worker relationships, our workplace remains a setting that is professional. We anticipate our employees to deal with one another with respect and steer clear of hindering other people’s work. Them and always respect their time and choices if you want to express your romantic interest in a colleague, don’t do anything that may embarrass or expose. [You’re allowed to inquire of a colleague on a romantic date only one time. When they say ‘no’ or provide an ambiguous answer, don’t ask again.]

If your colleague is persistent in flirting with you and becomes irritating or disturbs your projects, question them to end and notify your manager [if they continue]. Please report them to HR if they make unwanted intimate advances. Intimate harassment is forbidden, including actions that are seemingly harmless. As an example, a member of staff whom keeps flirting whenever their colleague does not react favorably is breaking our intimate harassment policy. In this instance, they’ll face disciplinary action. For lots more details on exactly exactly what comprises harassment that is sexual how exactly to report it, please relate to our anti-harassment policy.

When you start dating a colleague

HR won’t get involved with your lives that are private is always discreet. You don’t want to inform us in the event that you carry on a few times with a colleague or get embroiled for [less than 8 weeks], so long as there’s no interruption at work or your own personal work. If your relationship lasts longer than [two months], please inform HR. We should be familiar with these relationships therefore we can better manage gossip or disputes of interest.

Additionally, ensure that you:

  • Keep your issues that are personal talks out from the workplace.
  • Be effective and concentrated as always. In the event that you find that your tasks are afflicted with dating a colleague, look for counseling from your own supervisor, HR or specific worker (e.g. business psychologist).

Appropriate behavior

You are expected by us to constantly act properly and follow our Code of Conduct. This implies both you and your partner shouldn’t behave in means Single Parent dating apps that:

  • Hinders our operations.
  • Embarrasses your peers
  • Distracts your colleagues from their duties

Types of appropriate behavior are:

  • Moving by the partner’s workplace to speak with them for a time that is short.
  • Speaking about your joint vacation plans during breaks
  • Arriving at and making from come together

Samples of unsatisfactory behavior are:

  • Arguing on the job.
  • Touching or kissing inappropriately in the front of peers or customers
  • Trading a extortionate wide range of immediate messages or telephone calls during performing hours
  • Boasting about or discussing your relationship in your colleagues’ presence

Employees whom display unsatisfactory behavior will face discipline that is progressive.

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