Seminary for the Southwest. All pupils whom withdraw through the Seminary must submit written notice of withdrawal to your Registrar’s workplace.

Seminary for the Southwest. All pupils whom withdraw through the Seminary must submit written notice of withdrawal to your Registrar’s workplace.


All pupils whom withdraw through the Seminary must submit written notice of withdrawal towards the Registrar’s workplace.

If your pupil, who is disbursed Title IV financial support, withdraws or stops attending course the semester when the Title IV help had been disbursed, the next Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) policy will soon be used.

The school funding Office is needed by federal statute to recalculate federal educational funding eligibility for pupils whom withdraw, drop away, are dismissed, and take a leave of lack ahead of completing a repayment or term. The federal Title IV school funding programs needs to be recalculated in these circumstances.

In case a pupil actually leaves the organization ahead of finishing a repayment duration or term, the school funding workplace recalculates eligibility for Title IV funds. Recalculation is dependent on the portion of earned help utilizing the after Federal Return of Title IV funds formula R2T4:

Portion of re re payment duration or term finished= the amount of days completed as much as the withdrawal date divided by the total times in the re re re payment duration or term. (Any break of five times or even more just isn’t counted within the times within the term.) This portion can also be the portion of earned aid.

Unofficial Withdrawals

If your student will not formally withdraw from all classes but does not make a moving grade in at least one program, federal help laws require unless it can be documented that the student completed the enrollment period that we assume the student has “unofficially withdrawn . Unofficial withdrawals need a Title IV reimbursement calculation during the midpoint associated with enrollment duration. The reduced total of federal help shall develop a stability as a result of organization that must definitely be paid back.

Title IV Refund Process

Funds are gone back to the correct federal system in line with the portion of unearned aid with the formula that is following

Help to be returned = (100percent associated with the help that would be disbursed without the percentage of earned aid) multiplied by the full total number of help that has been disbursed throughout the re re payment duration or term.

In case a pupil received less help than ended up being disbursed, the organization will be necessary to get back a percentage associated with the funds plus the pupil could be expected to get back a portion regarding the funds. Remember that whenever Title IV funds are came back, the pupil debtor may owe a balance that is debit the organization.

In the event that pupil obtained more help than had been disbursed to him/her, the organization would owe the pupil a post-withdrawal disbursement which needs to be compensated within 120 times of the student’s withdrawal.

The amount must be returned by the institution of Title IV funds which is why it really is accountable no later on than 45 days following the date of dedication associated with date associated with the student’s withdrawal.

Refunds are allocated within the after order:

? Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans

? Direct Plus Loans

Failure to wait course or failure to resign precisely may cause the pupil to get a page grade of “F” in most courses. The student would still be subject to the return of funds policy once an official withdrawal date is established in this case. Simply discontinuing class attendance is perhaps perhaps not regarded as being an official resignation through the Seminary. Pupils have been granted monetary help and who discontinue course attendance might be held accountable for repayment of most tuition and fees. Please make reference to the “Attendance Policy” section for the Southwest Student Handbook for needs on course attendance.

In the eventuality of a Seminarian’s withdrawal, or perhaps in the function a postulant or pupil otherwise stops to wait the Seminary, then your institutional refund policy are going to be used and tuition would be adjusted per the institutional tuition refund policy. The student might be liable for any Title IV funds disbursed for their account more than the quantity permitted by federal laws. The institution will gather the percentage of any help owed by the student. If no payment is received, holds will soon be positioned on the student’s account in addition to pupil will totally lose eligibility for Title IV aid unless the overpayment is compensated in full or repayment that is satisfactory are produced. Following the institutional reimbursement has been credited, any staying quantity are going to be came back to your pupil.

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